Target/ Beauty Supply Haul

These are just some things I needed for my kit and myself. My mom and I were running some errands for my baby shower coming up.


NYC Liquid Lipshine in Citys Clear 574
2 Neutrogena Makeup Remover Wipes
and 3 in a pack Carmex 

Beauty Supply:

Eyebrow Razor
Paddle Brush
Bond Glue
Off brand lipgloss
Kiss individual eyelashes
2 NYX Jumbo pencils in Milk and Vanilla Ice
NXY pink nail polish in Pink Note
Ruby Kisses liquid eyeliner in blue, black and brown
nail glue
and a wig cap 

Makeup Organization

my major needed train case
I desperately needed some new makeup organization since I've moved my room around to make space for Lyric Cheyenne. I had to take away some of my dresser space which housed on top a lot of my beauty products and such so I was looking on youtube and came across a couple of gurus talking about their train cases they ordered from I decided that is exactly what I need to do and ordered an all black one. The shopping experience was easy and delivery was expected timing. Not everything fits in this one case but if the most of my makeup goes beyond this I really want to get a Zuca bag. If you've ever heard of Zuca bags they are extremely popular for pro makeup artists because the client can sit on top of the bag and they come with these great clear bags you can use to organize the inside. I would most likely make it my vanity chair and if i ever decide to go MUA it would come in handy.

Here are the links:


kiss kiss 6 months prega <3


my favorite skirt